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Rural Organising for Social Improvement Foundation (ROSI Foundation) 
About the Organisation
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 Organisation Primary & Secondary Classification As per the International Classification of Nonprofit Organisations (ICNPO).
  • Social Services
    • Social Services
 Organisation Activities 
  • Clothing & Other Material Assistance
  • Coaching Centres
  • Day Care Centres for Children
  • Employment and Training, n.e.c
  • Environment, n.e.c.
  • Homes for Children
  • Homes for the Aged
  • Homes for the Handicapped
  • Social services, n.e.c.
  • Temporary Shelters
  • Trade Unions
  • Welfare and Guidance Activities for Children
 Beneficiary Groups 
  • Adolescents
  • Children
  • Dalits
  • Elderly
  • Rural Poor
  • Salt Workers
  • Tribals
  • Women
  • Youth
 Geographic Focus 
  • Urban & Rural
  • Local
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Dindigul
  • Nagapattinam
  • Pudukkottai
  • Sivaganga
  • Thanjavur
  • Tiruvarur
Coming Year Objectives/ Goals
01. Sustainable Empowerment of women in organization and rights based aspects.
02. Developing the deprived children on education and child rights.
03. Developing and rehabilitating the deprived and deserted people.
04. Empowering Dalit and tribe in social, economical, legal and traditional & cultural matters
05. Empowerment and promotion of environmental and biodiversity.
06. providing sustainable health to rural people.

Past Year Objectives
01. Empowering Dalit and tribe in social, economical, legal and traditional & cultural matters
02.Sustainable Empowerment of women in organization and rights based aspects.
03. Developing the deprived children on education and child rights.

Past & Current Year Achievements
  • In Tribal Development Programme (TDP),
     252 tribes obtained community certificate
     600 families got MFP rights
     252 children supported by crèches
     106 tribe families’ retrieved from caves and rehabilitated by temporary
     56 tribe families were protected from human rights violence
     Patta issued
     47 tribe children under residential educational programme
     655 tribes families got lights of life by solar lantern provision.

    In Women Development Programme (WDP)
     52 dalit and women human rights issues taken successfully.
     375 widows / destitute received sewing machine and on going self business
     2200 women and girls received skill/livelihoods training.
     76 SHGs are under promotion
     12 Gypsy women were averted from exploitation and supported for IGP in Jewels making
     7 Lemongrass oil units are provided to tribe income

    In Children Development Programme (CDP)
     2055 children received educational support
     259 children under crèche centre

    In Home support programme
    27 aged are under in our home support programme as inamtes
    126 aged persons were got support

    In UN_HABITAT Programme

    300 youth were trained skill in alternative and under either self business or working in various concern.

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Supported By
Membership Description
Global India Fund 
To donate, please visit Global India Fund  [Opens in a new window] 

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Accredited by
Accreditation Description
Credibility Alliance 
Accredited by Credibility Alliance for Desirable Norms. To know current accreditation status, please visit Credibility Alliance [Opens in a new window] 

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Organisation History
ROSI FOUNDATION is functioning for the development of rural and other deprived sector people. Its legal registration was with competent authority in 2001 under the Indian Trust act after its establishment by a group of social minded, well-experienced, relevant qualifications and resources with a thrust of dedicated social services to the most vulnerable group toward multiple values of community and the sustainability. 

In our society from birth to death, more tragedies are being passed as human rights violence, hunger, health problem, illiteracy, gender abuse, child abuses, superstitions, social evils, bondage, unotuchability and cultural backwardness. Tribe, Dalit, Widows, Disabled, Destituted aged, orphans, labours and other people concerned are beyond the bottom level in the society with the suppression, exploitation and deprivation. Their habitations and working places of the most of the people are in rural and remote areas without even basic amenities, which are still as untouchable and unreachable one to them.

The differences between people to people should be reduced soon. It should be removed completely at a stage. The above people should be protected and taken for their life changes and rightful developments.

: Creation of a free society without existing exploitations, oppressions and deprivations between people to people in the name of caste, creed, religious, colour, gender and race through sustainable empowerment of community / concern people on gender, human rights, economic, environment, traditional and cultural rights. 

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Registration as
  • Trust
Registration number
Registration date
State where registered
Tamil Nadu
Registration document

Income Tax Permanent Account No. (ITPAN)

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IT Return.doc 

Registration Valid up to Registration document
31/03/2016 00:00:00 
14/06/2014 00:00:00 


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 Management Team 
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 Board Members 
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How you can help this Organisation

Funding Needs
Please note: Only organisations with FCRA registration are eligible to receive foreign contributions. If the organisation has mentioned the URL of a website for online donations/ further details, please copy the link into a separate browser window.The following 7 project are required/requested your support and the list of projects are attached in the document page. So please open documents page.
A. Light and Life to the deprived /risk Tribe Families (One solar lantern with FM radio and mobile charge point to a tribe family that 1200 families benefited by 1200 solar lantern for light, radio and mobile function) that is required a budget of Rs 50000 (US$ 8333)
B. Aged home for neglected elder person that is running project and required a budget of Rs 855660 (US$ 14177)
C. Huts/House to the deprived/risk tribe families (One Hut/House for habitation to a tribe family that 1200 families benefited by 1200 huts for recovering them from risk and dangerous condition) that is proposed and a budget required Rs 12000000 (US$ 200000)
D. Health Empowerment of Saltpan workers through RCH training, Napkins training and health counseling that is required a budget of Rs 50000 (US$ 8333)
E. Tribe children are come under special education and main stream education in that 47 have education, food, nutrias, accommodation, recreation and health that is running project, requires a budget of Rs 416500 (US$ 150000)
F. Home Building for neglected elder persons that is required a budget of Rs 3000000 (US$ 48000)
G. Buildings for Educational Home is run for the deprived tribe children that is required a budget of Rs 9000000 (US$ 150000)

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Annual Report

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Audited Financial Statement

Past year's expenditure
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