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Your Gateway to the world of NGOs in India 
GuideStar India is India’s leading provider of NGO information. Our portal is India's largest, fully searchable database of reliable and comparable information on over 4,200 NGOs. With another 70,000+ NGOs on our offline database and NGO due diligence solutions, we have brought down the cost and time of connecting with NGOs. GuideStar India is transforming how Indian NGOs report and share information, and, is changing the way the people perceive, interact and engage with NGOs. 
Our powerful search allows users to find and connect with NGOs within minutes. 
By joining GuideStar India, an NGO demonstrates its commitment to being a transparent & accountable organization. Registration on GuideStar India is free for NGOs. In 3 years, GuideStar India has created a vibrant community of NGOs who you can reach easily to provide resources and opportunities. was launched on Sep 23, 2010. 
GuideStar India is an initiative of Civil Society Information Services India. CSIS India is a trust registered in India. View our GuideStar profile at

In a country like India that has a vast but higly scattered NGO sector, lack of reliable information is a serious bottleneck for philanthropy to grow. As an aggregator of NGO information, GuideStar India is playing a vital role in building the ecosystem for a philanthropy marketplace. GuideStar India pursues a ground up model to collect information from NGOs. It also receives data from Government bodies like CAPART, the Planning Commission, the National Trust of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and YASHADA. This data is often historic and incomplete. GuideStar India persistenly follows up with NGOs to clean up and update the data, while also educating NGOs to embrace transparency by consenting to put their information in the public domain. Verified information is made available in the public domain and is also fed back to the source including government sources. 

How we serve NGOs 
We do not charge NGOs for registration with us and for using the site. NGOs get registered through a simple online application process that takes less than 30 minutes. 

What kinds of opportunities come to NGOs through GuideStar India

  • Free webpages which NGOs can update themselves
  • Online Repository to upload important documents for access to public and other users
  • NGO information organised in a searchable and globally comparable fashion to facilitate decision making
  • Display of information on Memberships & Accreditations
  • Seamless connections and links to organisation’s pages on other websites
  • Leads for Donations in cash/ kind
  • Fundraising Opportunities
  • Capacity Building Workshops
  • Opportunities to showcase/ sell products work on-the-web and on-the-ground (campaigns/ exhibitions/ events)
  • Fast track registrations with other partners to gain access to their user communities and services
  • Free/ discounted products (software, books, etc.) and services
  • Opportunities to get recognised (awards)
  • Information on key issues affecting NGOs and links to experts/ networks
Here are the benefits driven to NGOs through GuideStar India:
Who uses GuideStar India
 More than 20,000 pages of NGO information are viewed every month by users including foundations, philanthropic intermediaries serving donors and volunteers, students and academic institutions seeking internships, corporates wanting to work with NGOs, institutions and experts seeking to provide capacity building to NGOs, media wanting to do stories on NGOs, and people wanting to connect with NGOs. Corporates use GuideStar India to run online and on-the-ground campaigns to connect NGOs with their employees, customers and associates. 

Users include:

Corporate/ Corporate Foundations/ Initiatives: CII’s India@75 initiative, My Bskool, Deustche Bank, eBay India, EdelGive Foundation, Educational Initiatives, Global CSR Congress, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, ICICI Foundation, NASSCOM Foundation, NGO India, Hindustan Unilever’s Surf Excel brand, Times of India Social Impact Awards, Tata Tea, UBM India, World CSR Congress

Government: CAPART, the National Trust, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) of the MInistry of Corporate Affairs, Voluntary Action Cell of the Planning Commission

Foundations & Institutions: AmeriCares India, the British Asian Trust, the David & Lucille Packard Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Toofles Foundation

Philanthropic Intermediaries/ Initiatives: CAF India, Credibility Alliance, Dasra, GiveIndia, Give2Asia, GlobalGiving, Global India Fund, Goonj, the Resource Alliance, India Giving Network, iVolunteer, Joy of Giving Week, WhiteBoard

How you can use GuideStar India 
There is no charge for online use of data on the website. 

We do provide a range of bespoke solutions to organisations and individuals who would like to reach out to a large number of NGOs in India through targeted mailers, workshops, etc. We can connect you to NGOs featured on our site and the 70000+ other organisations we have on our offline database. We provide datasets in a ready to use format that could save your time in accessing information that you need. We also provide due diligence services based on user-defined criteria. As these solutions require additional effort, we require a contribution to cover our costs.

Read more about our suite of solutions and some of the CSR campaigns powered by GuideStar India.

Why GuideStar India
India is estimated to have over 3 million registered NGOs as per the Central Statistical Organisation.
  • Who are these organisations?
  • Where are they located?
  • What are their activities? and
  • Which are the communities they serve?
If there were answers to these questions at the click of a button, we believe policy makers, foundations, donors and volunteers would be in a position to take informed decisions and consequently direct resources to the most deserving.

NGOs are constantly in search of support (money/material/people) and spend much of their time and energy in reaching out to potential sources of support. However, they are either not aware of or not equipped to provide the required information in the appropriate form so that resource providers could allocate resources effectively and efficiently.
To bridge the gap between the two ends, as stated above, through our NGO outreach programmes, we educate NGOs about the need for using information to showcase their work, articulate their needs, and make voluntarily, public disclosure, of programme and financial indicators in a manner that is easily searchable and usable.

We have developed GuideStar India keeping in mind the needs of various user groups (donors, volunteers, foundations, CSR Managers media, government, academia) who we would like to see using information to power their philanthropy and decisions impacting non profit organisations.
Our Vision & Mission
CSIS India’s vision is Indian philanthropy and non-profit practice revolutionised by the use of civil society information. Our mission is to encourage and equip Indian NGOs to voluntarily share, in the public domain, information that advances transparency, enables better decision making and encourages charitable giving.

Our Approach
We practise the following principles:
  • We acquire data ethically.
  • We apply no judgement or subjective criteria in featuring NGOs. Every organisation that is registered as a Trust/ Society/ Sec 25 Company is eligible for registration in our database if it can provide a copy of its registration certificate, its Income Tax  Permanent Account Number (IT PAN) and a verifiable address proof.
  • We avoid duplication of efforts - we try to collaborate with other organisations to reach out to NGOs, we share information and supporting documents available with us, we source information from networks before asking their members or partners to provide information.
  • We withold no information- once an NGO gives us information, we include it in our database and would soon put it in public domain.
  • We are into intermediation of civil society information only.
  • We are open to new ideas and feedback.
Our Model
We believe the starting point of our model is for NGOs to showcase their work and keep their content regularly updated so that users find the organisation(s) that best match their search criteria resulting in actions that drive benefits to NGOs which in turn would motivate organisations to report their work and articulate their needs.

The Long term Impact we expect
Our Supporters
We thank our supporters who make it possible for us to serve the NGO community effectively.

Benchmark Email makes it possible for us to communicate efficiently with NGOs and make several connections between NGOs and those who seek to support them in different ways. 
How to Support GuideStar India 
We recover a third of our costs through contributions from our institutional users. GuideStar International supports our technology platform. We certainly need resources to map the vast number of NGOs in difficult to reach parts of India and to build their capacity to leverage resources. 
We welcome donations and grants to support our work. For details, please write to